La vie en rose featuring Flo and Dani

When i sit down and write these posts i always give up on trying to write something original. However, i will always try to write something from the heart. So, here goes. Dani and Flo are the most extravagant, joyful, magnetic people we have ever met in our lives. Their happiness, peace and affection for each other gives us immense joy and the way people gather around them is a simple and honest testimony of their amazing big hearts. 

This wedding has not only brought us visual satisfaction, it also enriched our souls, put a big smile on our faces and filled our hearts with hope that someday, maybe, if God allows, we will witness something like this again. And because everything involving the Pandele sisters also involves something french (maybe later i will tell you the story of my life long friendship with Flo's sister) , i only see fit for you to listen to one of the most famous french songs. 

A bientôt!