Judith and David and a warm day of September in Germany

These two are a living testimony that if it's meant to be, it's meant to be, even with a lot of obstacles and a big distance. I asked Judith to tell me their story and i really want to share it here and hope it will be an encouragement for other couples who face the same difficulties. And always, always remember that love is a choice.

"A common friend introduced David to me. We barely spoke to each other on that evening. I actually thought that i would never ever see him again. Allthough he was very good looking he lived 500 km away... Surprisingly he added me on facebook and we started to chat. His character turned out to be as handsome and interesting as himself. But still there was the distance. Both of us decided autonomous that by end of the year we would cut the friendship if there was no „development“ in sight. At the end oft he year, just close to my birthday my friend gave me a „blind booking“ as a plane ticket.  I was speechless when we landed in David´s city! For my surprise we slept at his shared flat and he was our tourist guide for those 24 hours. It was as God were saying „ Come on, give it a try! “!  So after this crazy weekend, we started to talk on the phone. Our record was 7 hours in a row. For eight months we had a long distance-relationship. Then David moved to my city in the South of Germany!

The more we spend time together the more i was sure that he is THE man i was waiting and praying since my teenage years. We got engaged after two years dating and got married on a warm and beatufil september day the following year. "