Oana + Claudiu - Bonțida, România

Sometimes you come across people you feel you've know forever and you connect instantly. It's a very rare but desired gift in our industry. We always look for people we can feel this with, beyond just some random job we are assigned to. And this past year we have been beyond blessed with some amazing couples. But ever since our very first Skype meeting, i remember feeling this about Oana and Claudiu. There's something about them, the way they are with people, loved ones or total strangers. The warmth and the kindness draws you to them. And their wedding was nothing less than this exact feeling. Simple, yet so complex.

Yes, that's the one. Simple in all exterior things, simple location, simple food, simple clothes, simple expectations. This humbleness though brings forth something we love so much at weddings. We can see the true nature of love in all it's glory. Don't get me wrong, we like big fancy weddings too and they challenge us in different ways. But this here, this kind of wedding, Oana and Claudiu, stripped down the many layers of what our culture dictates about weddings and focused on the importance of celebrating the biggest day of their lives in honesty, joy, friendship and love. Simple, yet so complex.  I remember the morning of the wedding we went to see the location and the tent was just going up, there was nothing done, but people were smiling and being happy about what's to come, Oana's mother was setting the tables, Claudiu was building stuff.  What a treat for us to be able to capture relaxed, happy people preparing for such a big day as that one.

Thank you Oana and Claudiu for allowing us to be part of a very spontaneous celebration. We loved every minute (and bite) of it!

We hope that as you scroll down you will feel the same way too. 

Wedding location: Banffy Castle, Bonțida

Food: Pop-Up Dinner (amazing!)

Band: The remakers

And thanks to Mălin, the ever charming visual assistant.

*hit play*