Olivier + Andreea in Veseud, the heart of Transylvania

Where to begin?

They have been an inspiring couple from the first set of emails we exchanged just beacuse they enjoy life and like to turn every opportunity into a big adventure. Traveling, climbing, wondering wherever, laughing and dancing, they do them all with great passion, with fervency. This is one of the reasons they live near the Alps. However, for a Swiss, coming to Romania to get married, was a stretch, trying to adapt to the complexity of our culture's behaviour, not mentioning the lifestyle of a deep, rural, almost forgotten place like Veșeud. Time has a slow pace and food has a strong taste in this modest, yet high quality up-cycled guest house. Circling visually around all these things: time, place and people, the experience we had at this wedding surpassed all our expectations, starting with the fact that we were able to bring our kids with us, and collaborate with dear friends in all things visual (see here the videography done by talented Dani Croitor).

When the result of our work makes people happy, we want to do it again and again, but when it gathers and excites our family, even more so, it makes us humble and grateful for warm, happy people like Olivier and Andreea who are willing to share their special moments with us.

Let's begin the story....