Sarah and Guy start life together in beautiful Copenhagen

Copenhagen has become more and more like home these last couple of years. Walking around and exploring has made us fall in love with the nordic style of living. Clear lines, monochromatic colour and a simplicity to everything. The beauty of every single street and little shop or coffee place you see. The heart of the city, the crowded streets, the bike lanes and the very accessible kids parks. It al seems so simple and easy on the eye, but somehow so deep and full of great history. I feel like this is the actual beauty of this city. Kind of like with Sarah and Guy. We first met with them via Skype. Imagine a danish couple talking to a romanian couple on an american timetable. Crazy. Despite the language barrier and the culture barrier, we felt like we instantly connected with them. I know, sounds cliche, but bare with me. 

Guy is very involved with music and creative stuff at their church just like Oti, and Sarah studying to become a nutritionist, something Ancu is very interested about. More so, after just a few minutes of talking to them we realised that we have in front of us people that are very very passioante about … people. Something that we strongly resonate with. Strongly. Not the natural feeling of liking people, like, ‘’i like people in general’’ (not that something is wrong with that). I’m talking about the hard and life giving, sacrificial love for people and a deep feeling of care for them and their lives. 

This is what we witnessed on their wedding day with all their wedding party and this is what we truly look for not just in weddings, but in life. We hope to always find people that are deeply connected to each other in life changing ways. 

By the way, their awesome church is Hillsong Copenhagen, check it out here and if you are anywhere near the area, you are more than welcomed to pay them a visit.