Andreeas and Alexandria in enchanted Copenhagen, on their first wedding celebration.

An american girl and a romanian boy meet in a danish city. The rest is history. Well, the start of their history at least. And because we know you all are probably not gonna read a 300 character post, we'll keep it short. Andreeas and Alexandria sure have a story to tell, and not just the story of their wedding day. As photographers we sometimes feel the heavy burden of telling a very realistic story, but the truth is, any story we try to tell is just a small part of a much bigger picture. That's why, finding friends and lessons to learn in every interaction with our couples is the most precious thing we can expect from our ''jobs''. And the hope to be part of their beautiful stories.

We've met Andreeas a few years ago and heard a lot of nice things about him before we actually met him, and all the conversations about him started with how big-hearted he is. Hard to believe in this age of self sufficiency. Anyway, we met him, and honestly guys, the stories don't make him justice. So warm hearted, loving and caring for everybody, but especially for his fellow Romanian people. Such an inspiration. Later, we met Alexandria as well, and we immediately saw why he would choose her. 

So, here we are. Very honoured to be part of this small part of their story. One of three wedding celebrations? Here is their Copenhagen wedding.