LIGHT | iPhone 2012 review

Being a photographer and saying that this is my hobby and also my day job, is sometimes tricky. Many times, although I love what I do, I feel like I want to finish the project as soon as possible, pack my things and go away with no camera, no computer or any other device, besides my iPhone. Why? Because it's heavy ecquipment, it's complicated and it recquires a lot of focus and diligence. The iPhone is feather light compared to all of these, light and easy to use. It keeps photography as a hobby, that's why I have it all the time with me as my pocket camera. It gives me freedom to move and explore even more, and on top of that, the process of post production takes about 20 seconds, which is a luxury - if you're a photographer, then you know what I mean. That being said, I posted here some of my images taken last year exclusively with the iPhone and edited with VSCOcam. OTi