The Kim Family - Washington DC

During our time in DC last fall, Hanna found us on craigslist (our friend Karen posted an add for us there. Thanks Karen!) and we met her beautiful family, husband Greg, little Allison and their dog Reiner. Their hospitality and warm personalities has really made the time spent with them memorable for us, not just because of their amazing house, but because when you are a stranger in a country, people like them help make you feel a little bit more like home. And while Oti was documenting them, me and the kids got to roam in their back yard, which is actually a huge forest, complete with a creek, trails and very tall trees. On a warm sunny fall afternoon. Perfection!

Sweden and Denmark

We just got back from Asia, but we found these memories from a trip we had three years ago in Northern Europe. So we decided to take you back in time with us, to Sweden with a little project we had, Kärlek. A highly curated furniture second hand shop. We didn't plan this from the beginning, but we ended up in a place where I, Oti, also traveled 24 years ago. I was 4 and with my family, we visited the north parts of Denmark, landscapes that had shaped my heart forever. It was a dream come true to now my son and wife there. We felt like we visited the end of the world, where two seas meet and the wind blows warmth into your heart despite the freezing weather.  This is what we did. What will you do with your one wild life?

See it as a wave, particle, sun
You could call it what you like
Could call it light
See it as a fight or as a gift
You could call it circumstance
Or call it magic
These are the days we've been given
What will you do with each of them
What will you do with your one wild life

Brave the rise and fall
Go on and feel it all
I wanna feel it all
Love the rise and fall
Go on and feel it all
I wanna feel it all