Susanne+Oliver - Laxenburg, Vienna

When we document and post something on our blog we hope that we can be true to what happened and how it happened, but most of all, be true to the people that it happened to.  I started writing this post three times and somehow all three versions of the introduction to this particular story were thrown into the void of an internet crash. Seems like my love-hate relationship with the virtual world is giving me some time to process and rethink what I want to share with the world. Because once you give something to the internet, you can hardly take it back. 

So, here I go again. (hitting the save button every two minutes)

I hope i can repeat this as many times as i feel the need to. We love people more than we love what they can offer us. And although this is a constant refrain in our home, it is also a constant struggle. Showing and giving love unconditionally is not an easy task. It is something we want to do, but often times fail to do. It is something we are learning to implement in our relationships with our couples, as we learn to implement with each other, our little boy Ezra, our family and friends and so on. Often times though it is refreshing to come across people who try to do the same. And setting the stage for what i am about to say, please keep in mind that we are talking about weddings, the one day or days in our lives when we feel entitled to be loved, adored, taking cared of, served, and so on. And this is totally understandable. It is our special day, our dress, our guests, our pictures, and so on. We were pleasently surprised and swept off our feet and cameras when we met Susanne and Oliver and realised that however ironic this may sound, their day was not just about them. In fact, their day was more about their loved ones. And not in a selfish, ''oh, i want them to see how cool i am, and i want them to be impresed''  kind of way. Yes, your wedding day is about you and about your love and vows and the hope for the future. But also, you surround yourself with the most important people in your life, you might as well show them some love. Susanne and Oliver have this unique ability to embrace people and make them feel loved, appreciated and encouraged. We felt this on our own skin and felt humbled and inspired not only to document it, but to keep persevering in our own love for others. 

Everytime we leave a wedding, i try to hold on to a feeling, an emotion, something, anything to help me have a fuller memory of the day, the wife, the husband. Sometimes it's a song, or a smell, a theme, anything. I left their wedding feeling loved. Truly. And that in itself is a pretty good story for us to tell and keep telling.

Oh! By the way, the music you're about to hear is recorded on site, and is mixed with sounds from the day. This wedding  was a magnificient blend of the oriental culture, food and music that we love so much and the western culture that we have to love so much. Anyway, hope you enjoy it as much as we did. And don't be afraid to let yourself feel the rythm, and imagine the smell and the taste of the food.